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Fishery Rules

Please ensure you read and understand all of the rules listed below before visiting the fishery. The management reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time. Anyone found to be in breach of our rules will be required to leave the fishery and forfeit their catch and entry fee.

  • A valid permit MUST be purchased at the office before fishing commences.

  • Strictly 1 rod per person at all times for trout fishing.


  • Strictly no fishing is permitted on the dam wall (restricted area highlighted opposite).

  • Brown Trout (Holl only) and all Pike caught MUST be returned to the water safely and unharmed.

  • All persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by a full paying adult.


  • All fish numbers must be counted in at the office before you leave the fishery.


  • Anglers must be off the water by 10pm.


  • Parking is only permitted within the fisherman's carpark at Holl Reservoir.

Anglers are not permitted to park within the Lomond Hills general public carpark. Permits will be deemed invalid if you are found to be parked here and you will be told to leave the water. No refund will be given.


  • Please ensure gates are properly closed and padlocks locked at all times. Keys must be handed back in at the office.


  • No lead weights; alternative non-toxic weights are permissible.

  • Fishing lines must not be discarded; it is a danger to wildlife as well as unsightly. Please place it in the bins provided or take it away with you.

  • Gutting of fish is only permitted after weigh in at office.

If gutting is required, the fishery staff will happily gut your fish for a fee of £3 per person.


  • Management reserve the right to inspect anglers bags and tackle at any time.

Random checks of bags and tackle will be carried out to ensure fishery rules are being complied with. All anglers are expected to cooperate. Anyone not willing to cooperate will be banned from the water and will forfeit their catch and entry fee. Any offenders may be prosecuted.

  • No wading. Fishing is only permitted from the bank or boat.

  • No littering. Ensure litter is placed in the bins provided, otherwise please take it away with you.


  • No camping.


  • No dogs.


  • No fires, however large leg standing barbecues are permitted during the summer season.


  • Always use the toilets provided.

No camping
No Dogs
No Fires

All persons and vehicles who enter Lomond Hills Fishery, do so at their own risk. We take no liability for any personal injuries, loss or damage to equipment, vehicles or personal belongings. Purchase of a permit constitutes acceptance of these terms.


Lomond Hills Fishery always aims to be the best for value. All we ask is that you adhere to these simple rules and our prices will remain this way. Break them and the prices will go up.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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